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Liquid Image Camo is the premier Central Florida Water Transfer Printing company. We specialize in camouflage imaging for the outdoorsman and serve the greater Orlando area. We are committed to Customer Service and want to spread the word about our inexpensive, durable printing technique.

Water Transfer Printing (also known as Hydrographics or Immersion Printing) is a method of printing designs onto non-planar surfaces. The process can be used on a variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and many more. The process in which the printing is applied ensures a clean, smooth coat on the entirety of any surface - including small crevices. The print is then coated with a protective layer. Water Transfer Printing provides the best solution for active parts as well, being more UV and Chemical resistant than many competing techniques and retaining the object's original hardness. It has even shown to have significantly better adhesion, reducing the chance of blemishes such as air bubbles. In fact, we offer a free full lifetime warranty on all printed products for both workmanship and materials!

So why wait? Check out our Film Gallery and Pricing pages or, to see the effects for yourself, check out our Photo Archive.

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